Repetitive Innovation is the Ultimate Team Sport™

We build ecosystems, products, companies; brands. 

INQCEL is creating a series of physical and virtual innovation labs in California, and at selected universities and global strategic partner sites.

Innovation Lab and Product Accelerator

Staffed by an experienced management, engineering development and Advanced Research Team (ART), and supported by a growing ecosystem of science, medicine and technology advisers and strategic partners around the world. Our focus is on the global animal healthcare and fitness markets, selected human healthcare niche markets and (coming) participating in the technology revolution in the global AgTech market.


Creative Capital

We pull from our internal Advanced Research Team (ART), engineering staff, creative strategic partners and other incubators to bring the right team to the table.


Community Capital

We’re always looking for strategic partnerships with advanced technology companies, universities, and startups to extend business development and build new brands.

Financial Capital

To accelerate growth, we’ve partnered with a cutting edge equity crowd-sourcing platform and a handful of close venture, private and strategic investors.



Our mission is to identify, create, commercialize and continuously launch world-class products rapidly, accelerating their adoption.


We go beyond the typical incubator / accelerator.

We're always looking for new ideas and opportunities to drive innovation. We recognize the value of partnerships and creative thinking to deliver new products and services. We apply our expertise to create rapid value and build brand identity and loyalty.

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